Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little fairy dust

Maddie had decided this summer that she wanted to be a butterfly for halloween. She also decided that grandma was going to make her costume. :o) And of course Charlotte wants to do whatever Maddie wants to do, so we had two little girls who wanted to wear wings. Well costume ideas changed over the last few weeks and Maddie decided she wanted to be a tooth fairy (she was obsessed with the tooth fairy and losing her teeth for a while) and then after watching the new Tinkerbell movie she decided she wanted to be a fairy. Good thing grandma is adaptable!

We had some major halloween excitement around here.....YMCA trunk or treating on Thursday, Lake Benson halloween festival on Friday, Hill Ridge Farms pumpkin patch on Sunday and we closed out the night with trick or treating around our block. The girls had so much fun dressing up and eating way too much candy. I was really strict with the candy consumption up until Sunday night, but after we got home from treating I told them they could eat as much candy as they wanted until bedtime (30 minutes). Maddie's response was "Oh thank you mama, thank you!" They didn't actually eat very much but neither has asked for candy at all since that night! lol I remember trick or treating as a kid and my parents let us eat whatever candy we wanted on halloween night and then it was rationed after that. I think our candy will be around for another week or so and then it will get thrown out or donated to their preschool.

I think the girls were super cute in their costumes this year and I'm glad that we made some fun memories while grandma and papa were visiting!

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