Tuesday, November 2, 2010

week three

This child is growing at a rapid pace! I can not believe how big she is getting already. Newborn clothes stopped fitting her in the middle of week 2 and she is growing into her 3 month clothes! It's so surprising when you stick an outfit on a baby and it either doesn't fit at all anymore, or used to be way too big and has all of a sudden started to fit. Eleanor has begun to spend larger chunks of the day awake.....most of the time she is happy and content, but occasionally she is mad and only wants to nurse. We still have yet to get ourselves into any kind of routine but we have started trying to push her night feeding to every 3 hours just so that eventually we'll be able to get some sleep. We've had a few nights where Eleanor wakes up to nurse and then decides to stay awake for a while and that is super frustrating for sleep deprived parents, but it doesn't happen all that often and for the most part she nurses and then goes right back to sleep at night.....there's just a lot of that!

I was really worried while I was pregnant that Eleanor was going to be like Charlotte was during the first months (colicky and never slept during the day) but so far that is not the case and at this point......almost 4 weeks old I doubt she will have a complete change in personality and start non stop crying. Phew! One of the biggest complaints that I have about this baby is that she seems to always nurse, poop and then immediately falls asleep. Which is excellent in the sense that she isn't having trouble pooping, or falling asleep, but it's not fun to have to wake her up to change her diaper after she has already fallen sleep, and then usually I have to start all over again and nurse her and then put her to sleep. It's not really a bad thing, I just wish she would get the pooping done before the sleeping! :o)

Overall things are going really well! Eleanor is a great baby and she seems to fit right in. We've been pretty busy since she was born and she really has a go with the flow attitude. I can tell that her first smile is getting close and I'm really excited for when she becomes a little more responsive and can interact with the girls.....I know they are looking forward to that as well. Dan and I are tired, but that is to be expected and in the long run doesn't last very long. It has been really nice having my parents here, they have been such an amazing help to us. I am really bummed that they leave tomorrow and if I'm honest I'm a little bit terrified of having to do this all on my own! I know it will be fine and we will adapt, but I don't doubt it will be a bit hairy for a while. If anyone wants to come and visit/stay with us, you are more than welcome! :o)

Eleanor never gets left alone unless I put her in her bed

Mad face

Sisterly love

SO awake

I LOVE this picture!

I was wearing her at the pumpkin patch
She seems to really like the 2 wraps I've had her in!

Tummy time
I really don't like tummy time when they are so little!
It makes me sad to see them face planted.

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angwat said...

Elenore looks like Hannah in that last pic! Love her!

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