Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disneyland day 1

We were incredibly blessed to be able to visit Disneyland not once, but twice while we were in California. I am very thankful to my friends who have connections at the park and are able to get us in complimentary......without their generosity we would not have been able to take the girls to the happiest place in earth!!

The first day was the Monday after we got to California. The girls were mostly better, but still had lingering coughs and runny noses and both were still fatigued and run down. There was such excitement at going to Disneyland for the first time! Maddie had been one other time, but she was 2 and doesn't remember it. It was a good morning although the park was really crowded (schools were out for some reason and we were not aware ahead of time) but Charlotte faded quickly! We got on a few rides but around 1:00 grandma met up with us and took Charlotte home for a nap which turned into her not returning. Maddie was a trooper and waited in every line very patiently. She had a great time and told me that her favorite rides were It's a small world and thunder mountain. The day was surprisingly cold and by around 5:30 our feet were tired and Eleanor had been as patient as she could be and was ready to go home. It was a great day and it gave the girls a good idea of what was in store for them on Disneyland day #2!

Charlotte was not so sure about the characters!

Charlotte's favorite ride was the teacups

It's a small world

Super pudgy baby

Seriously.....when this child actually smiles, magic happens!

This is what Eleanor did most of the day

To be continued.......

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