Friday, March 18, 2011

Disneyland day 2

After going through the pictures from our vacation in California I realize that I have become the phantom know, that family member who carries around the camera and doesn't appear to have been on vacation at all?!? Yep, that's me. Not in a single picture from Disneyland. I don't really mind because I feel that I've captured the best looking people in my family (mostly my beautiful girls and a little bit of Dan! lol) but I realize that I need to make an effort to hand over my camera to someone else once in a while so that it looks like I vacation with my fam!

Day two of Disneyland was a lot better than the first! It was far less crowded, the girls were better behaved and everyone was feeling good. The only downside to the day was that Dan, Eleanor and I had to leave early for an engagement. My parents stayed at the park with Maddie and Charlotte and took them to California Adventure park and ate dinner. We got on a lot more rides which makes everyone happy and the lines were so much shorter! I did however make the mistake of thinking that Maddie, my roller coaster/fast ride fanatic was ready for Space Mountain. She was tall enough, so I figured it would be a good time.....yeah, she cried. She was totally scared. I think it was the fact that it was in the dark, and not necessarily the roller coaster itself, but now I know. I'm sure she will be just like her Daddy and me and adore scary roller coasters when she's older (it's genetic right?) but for now I'll remember to refrain from taking her on the really fast ones, especially when they are in the dark!

We had a wonderful time at Disneyland! I wish it could have lasted longer, and I wish that we lived there so we could have passes and my kiddos could experience the magic more often. But on the other hand I feel like if we only do Disney only every so often it will keep it more magical and make it a very special experience instead of just another day. I loved seeing the looks on Maddie and Charlotte's faces as we met characters and went on rides! It is such a special place and it brings out the very best (and quite possibly the very worst) in a kid. Visiting the park reminds me of my childhood and how incredibly excited I would get when we had the opportunity to go. Dan and I have been talking about bringing the family to Disney World, but I think we'll wait until the girls are older.....closer to 9, 7, 5 before we do that. Till then I hope the girls can keep these memories as vivid as the pictures are!

We got the girls Minnie Mouse hats.
I think they like them!

Eleanor with her raccoon hat......too bad it's sideways. lol

I don't know how my dad does it.....Maddie is a big girl!
She sure does love her papa

The 3 Caballeros is by far their favorite movie

This still makes me laugh......
We went through the whole ride
and got to the end where all the countries are represented
and Dan in all seriousness asks me,
"Is this Canada?"
Heh, heh, heh, heh. *snort*

Tea cups with Daddy

I think this was their most favorite thing EVER!

Poor Charlotte....I only got the top of her head


Tea cups again!

Flying Rockets

And I'll end this with my sweet baby Eleanor
who was such a good sport at Disneyland.
Not once, but twice!

Talking to grandma


Delane Rineer said...

how come there are no pictures of you at disneyland?

Delane Rineer said...

im a phantom too..i just take pic of myself so i can at least have one pic

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