Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey, guess what???

I got an early birthday present! A brand spanking new Canon 7D. I can not tell you how over the moon I am about this camera. Dan and I did a lot of research and comparing and finally settled on the 7D because it is super awesome! Not only does it have a gazillion mega pixels (18) but it is also fast as lightening and has a fantastic menu that really makes it easy to use and navigate. I found with my XT that I didn't use a lot of the manual settings because it was such a pain to go into the menu and switch things around.....I shot mostly with aperture priority and the lowest f-stop I could and stayed there most of the time. I find the 7D really easy to use. I also really love the larger 3 inch LCD. I am incredibly excited about the video capabilities! Keep a look out for videos being added to my blog hopefully in the near future. First, I need to figure out how to really use this camera! The 7D is a monster compared to my little XT. But its a very beautiful monster and I love it! Now we just need to decide whether to sell my XT or not.....that was the plan, but it appears that Dan is forming an attachment. How can I tell? He has been playing with it every chance he gets and also took out all my lenses and cleaned and organized them. Watch out world, we may have another photographer on our hands! :o)

A few pics taken by the 7D
I can tell there is a difference in lighting already.....
much higher ISO capabilities!

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