Thursday, March 31, 2011

When 4 year olds bowl

I've been working on spending more individual quality time with Maddie. I think that being very deliberate with our one on one time makes her feel special and we connect better. And just like with any relationship, when you are connecting, everything runs more smoothly. She listens better, has a better attitude and overall has improved behavior. Last week (or was it the week before that?) I took Maddie bowling. She had been one other time with her school, but I think it was nicer not having to wait as long to take a turn. One game was good, two games was pushing it as far as attention span goes, but we got through both and the scores were pretty close. There was also candy involved which always adds to the fun factor. We had a great time, although I worried that we might have broken the floor with a couple of Maddie's bowling ball throws! She talked about bowling for days after our time together and for at least a week she asked if we were going to do something else together. The answer to that is, yes! But its hard to explain to a 4 year old that our special time together will not always look the same and often times it won't be nearly as exciting. But it WILL happen.

Interesting bowling fact: Small children and bowling balls are a bit scary!

And just in case anyone is curious.....we've been having the girls get themselves dressed and pick out their own clothes. Thus the AWESOME outfit Maddie is wearing! :o)

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Anonymous said...

I bet she did better than me. My last 2 games were horrid. And jen beat me, so that is an indicator of an off night.

County McCounterson