Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soccer practice

We signed Maddie up for youth soccer and last Tuesday was her very first practice. I'd be lying if I said that it went well, but as with anything new it takes some time to adjust. Dan and I thought soccer would be good for Maddie because she is a very high energy kid. We wanted her to have an outlet for her exuberance and give her more opportunities to socialize with other kids. We also thought that it would be nice to foster a love for athletics early on so that maybe she'd continue with it as she grows. The first half of practice was great, she was excited and energetic and participated really well. Then they had a short break and devotional and the second half of the practice they had a scrimmage. This is where the trouble began! Maddie likes rules, and order and personal space.....which doesn't really exist in 4 year old soccer. She didn't like being crowded, or bumped into or falling down. So the second half of practice was spent alternately between her crying hysterically and throwing herself on the ground out of frustration! It was pretty bad. But, we are not giving up! We have been practicing with her at home and we're gonna finish the season and hope that over the next couple months she adjusts to the sport of soccer. We think that she would really like it if she gives it a chance! Hopefully practice tonight goes a little better. :o)


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