Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A hair cut for Charlotte

The time had finally arrived for Charlotte to get her first real haircut. I have trimmed it a couple times....mostly around the sides when it was growing in funky, but this was her first haircut at a place. Charlotte's hair has been super slow to grow in, slower than Maddie's which was also super slow. I blame my husband.....he was bald until the age of 2! Charlie has been sporting some crazy hair as of late but I've been hesitant to get it cut because she has so little of it. Recently she was running her fingers through her hair and said, "My hair is getting so long and beautiful!" I felt a bit of guilt at the thought of cutting it, but enough was more mad scientist hair!

I am always surprised when my kids have exceptional behavior. They typically are pretty good, but exceptional doesn't happen all that often. Which is why it amazes me that both my older girls are totally excellently behaved when it comes to haircuts. Charlotte sat nice and still in the chair, she followed directions and was polite to the slightly odd, green haired "barber" (as she called her) She got a little bit of bangs and a slight bob. Basically the stringy back part got cut off and shaped a little bit. I think she looks super cute! Its not a huge difference but it looks a lot more tame and less crazy looking when she gets up in the morning. I can tell that Charlotte is going to be my hair girl.....Maddie will hardly let me brush hers let alone doing anything with it. Charlie is going to want barrettes and pony tails and braids. I better get practicing!

Her hair didn't actually look so crazy this day

She was informing everyone that she is 2

Yes, she does have bright green hair!

It turned out pretty cute

Maddie very happy that she didn't have to get a haircut.
She hates change.
She doesn't even like to get new shoes because she has to give up her old ones
Remind you of anyone?

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