Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer has arrived

Summer has officially arrived and with it came the heat and humidity. I can honestly say that I am handling it better this year than last year (when I was pregnant) but I'm still not ready and I still really dislike it! It just amazes me that it jumped from the mid 80s on Charlotte's birthday weekend to upper 90s and humid the very next weekend. Can't we get some transition weather to help us get used to boiling to death? Okay, enough whining.....I'm sure you'll hear more about it over the next couple months.

I feel like we got a late start at spring this year and a few of the projects we had planned to do got pushed back. So, we find ourselves with plenty of manual labor to do (building a perimeter around our swing set out of timbers, shoveling and hauling mulch around the yard, staining the swing set, bracing the deck under the hot tub) in really hot temps! We've been trying to wait until after dinner to do some of the harder tasks when it's a teeny bit cooler, but that is the time the bugs come out and eat us alive. We should have gotten an earlier start and had it all completed before now. Oh well. We're hoping that someone our neighbor knows will be able to come over this Saturday and help with some of the grunt work. It would be nice for it all to be done because really, it is way too hot to be doing this kind of work outside!

Things are going well in the garden. Our winter plants have all bolted and been removed. I replaced the lettuce with herbs and I plan filling the bed that used to have spinach with corn. I wasn't going to do corn, but I changed my mind. It's really low maintenance and I don't know what else to plant in this whole big bed. Strawberries are done, blackberries are exploding and almost ripe, raspberries are ripening slowly but every couple days we get a delicious handful. We are patiently waiting for our blueberries to be ready. I have no idea when peaches and apples are ripe, so I just keep checking them every so often and they are still pretty small (about the size of a golf ball). We have 6 tomato plants, 4 bell peppers, 1 squash, 1 cucumber, and lots of herbs and sweet potatoes. Everything that is in the ground right now is doing well!

The girls are awesome! I'm not quite sure how we are going to survive the entire summer without going crazy, but so far it hasn't been too bad. I've been trying to keep them entertained with something new every day and we put the blow up pool on the deck and they LOVE it! We've gone to the public pool and hopefully we'll get out to the lake in the near future. I guess our summer is going to be filled with water! lol Speaking of water, we are headed to the beach this Sunday. I always get antsy to visit the beach around this time each's probably because I grew up on the coast and I only get to the ocean once or twice a year now. I'm looking forward to walking along the beach collecting sea shells with my family and lounging (yeah right) by the pool. Hopefully this year will be better than last year where both girls had mouth sores and Charlotte had to go to urgent care because of a wicked infection. Maddie is over the moon that we are going to the beach....she can tell you exactly how much time we have until we leave for the beach!

Our baby Eleanor is growing SO fast! I think that she is bigger than Maddie and Charlotte were at this age (almost 8 months) which is hard to believe because both of them were big girls! She is rolling all around, and can scoot herself backwards using her arms. She gets up on her knees and kinda rocks back and forth, but she doesn't know what to do. And I'm not in a hurry for her to be mobile so I'm just gonna let her rock until she figures it out on her own! :o) Everyone says what a happy baby Eleanor is and that she is just as smiley in person as she is in her pictures. And she is! She's not much of a babbler, but she does make a lot of grunting sounds and uuhhhhh, uuhhhh kinds of sounds. I'm waiting for her to say Mama since that was both Maddie and Charlottes first word! But my guess is that she is actually going to say Maddie first. Or maybe "get off of me" in reference to Charlotte and all the lovin' she gives to Eleanor. The baby is still nursing but she is eating more and more foods and she has almost phased out of pureed foods. Her favorites are green beans, blueberries and black beans.

Well,I better get going. I have a baby to feed and paints to clean up and little girls who want to get their suits on and get in the pool. Till next time, here is a visual representation of the last week or so of our life.

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