Monday, May 23, 2011

Charlotte turns 3!!

How is it possible that another year has passed by? Three years ago today at 1:30 in the afternoon my second daughter, Charlotte Grace was born. She came into this world hollering and to this day she is the loudest child I've ever met. Her laugh is big and bold and completely contagious and she will surprise and delight you with some of the things that come out of her silly mouth.

Charlotte is my girly girl.....princess dresses and jewelery, tea parties and high heels. She loves all things pink, purple and girly. She fiercely loves her sisters and has decided that she wants to marry Maddie when she grows up. This year she went from being the youngest to being an older sister and the new role really suits her well. Charlotte is ridiculously outgoing and can make friends anywhere even with kids many years older than her!

This year has been a big one for us. Lot's of life changes, lot's of fun and lot's of firsts. Charlotte got a new baby sister, she started preschool for the first time, rode her first horse, got comfortable enough in water to play without a floatie. She learned how to draw happy faces, played in the snow, learned how to dribble a soccer ball, was a flower girl in her aunt's wedding and threw up from the flu for the first time. Charlotte went to Disneyland for the first time, learned how to ride a tricycle all by herself, got her first haircut and potty trained in a week!!

It amazes me how fast this little girl is growing up. She is a delight to be around and our house is a lot more joyous with her in it! I pray that this next year she continues to grow big and strong, that she stays healthy and that she continues to learn new and exciting things. Above all else I hope that she grows in love and becomes the girl that God intends for her to be. He has big plans for miss Charlotte! :o)

Here is an interview with our new 3 year old:

What's your name: "My name is Charlotte"

How old are you: "I'm 1, 2, 3....THREE" (shows 3 fingers)


Food: ice cream
Drink: apple juice
Toy: my turtle
Outside activity: swinging
Inside activity: get my pacis in my mouth
Treat: ice cream
Movie: little mermaid
Song: princess songs
TV show: backyardigans
Word: not anything
Animal: piggies are my favorite
Fruit: peaches
Outfit: jamas (pajamas)
Place: home
Book: dinosaurs
Shoes: pink shoes
Season: fall
Color: green and purple
Cartoon character: mickey mouse
Game: candy land
Candy: chocolate
Restaurant: Old MacDonalds
Vegetable: corn on the cobb

A glimpse at Charlotte's second year:

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