Friday, July 8, 2011

Home and Garden: early July

Things are moving along at our house. I wonder sometimes when life is going to settle down.....slow down, but then someone needs a drink, the baby needs to nurse, the laundry needs to be changed around, a meal needs to be made and I completely forget what I was thinking about. This summer seems to be moving faster than the last couple and I wonder if its just the way that life is as children get older or if its a product of me not being pregnant or having a newborn and wanting to have as much fun as we can?!? I'm thinking maybe a combination of the two.

With that being said, I have not left the house in 4 whole days! I ran a quick errand this evening and realized that I have not driven a vehicle in over a week! I've been in the car (a long drive to the mountains) but Dan drove. For the first couple days after getting home from camping we were mellow, trying to catch up and get back in sync with our life, but last night Charlotte went to bed with a fever and woke in the middle of the night throwing up. Today has been less than great with her being sick all day. Tomorrow we have a lot of household chores....lawn mowing, garden tending, bathroom cleaning, laundry folding, picking up etc. then on Sunday Dan is leaving for Switzerland for a week. I'm not looking forward to his absence.....its never easy doing life without him! Hopefully everyone will be in good health while I am single parenting!

The garden is doing okay. I honestly have not been doing anything with it. My tomato plants are ginormous and falling all over the place. I keep staking them and trying to tie them up, but they are just so huge. Thankfully it has been raining pretty regularly so I have not had to do any watering. On the down side to all that regular rain (thunder storms) some of my plants have taken a beating and I've lost a squash and possibly a couple bell peppers. I can not wait until my tomatoes get ripe.....there are dozens and dozens of green tomatoes but they just aren't turning yet. I went ahead and planted some corn, I had a whole bed and didn't know what to do with it. The corn is bigger than what is pictured, but I'm not anticipating a very good crop.

And in the home part of home and garden, I've been feeling antsy to be creative lately and last week I decided to do something about it. We've had a chandelier sitting around from when we first bought our house. It was the dining room chandelier and we took it down and replaced it before we even moved in! Its just been sitting around all this time and I've had thoughts about what to do with it but always kinda thought that I'd sell it eventually. Well, the chandelier is now pink and has beads and crystals hanging from it and it is in the girls room. The whole project took me 3 evenings, 1 can of spray paint and a tub full of beads from Michaels. I had the clear crystals from a candle holder. All in all it cost $9.00 and some elbow grease. The girls love it and I think it is so much better than the boring light fixture that used to be in their room! I have a few more projects planned for this summer to quench my creative'll just have to stay tuned for those! :o)

Come on.....turn red!

Chandelier before

Chandelier after

Up and coming project.....any guesses? lol

Our grasses have flowers!
Who knew.

Need a trellis for our climbing roses


Next phase of raspberries

Any birdies need a bath??

Berry bushes are now officially gigantic

So many, many bell peppers

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