Saturday, July 16, 2011

A glimpse into the future

I can't even remember what brought the subject up, but a couple of weeks ago Dan and I were talking to the girls about our wedding. Then we spent a good 20 minutes searching the house trying to find our wedding dvd. We have no idea where we put it.....I'm sure it is in a "safe" location where the girls wouldn't get to it. Our search was fruitless and the girls really wanted to watch it, so I gave them the next best thing. My wedding dress! We couldn't afford to get it cleaned and boxed up right after the wedding and as time went by I lost the interest to do so. It's just a wedding dress.....what on earth am I going to do with it all boxed up and preserved?? A couple years ago I actually considered giving it to Goodwill, but I'm glad that I didn't. I grabbed it out of my closet where it has been hanging for the past few years and brought it out to my very excited daughters. Both of them took turns wearing it (with the help of a couple clothes pins) and pretending to marry one another and marry daddy all while listening to our wedding music. They had a really great time and spent the next few days doing a lot of wedding pretending. I have since put my dress back in the closet but I think it will be fun to get it out every once in a while to let my babies pretend to be brides. Before I know it these little girls of mine are going to wear their own white dresses and really get married (hopefully to a man who is not in his underwear lol)......this gave me a little glimpse. I may have shed a tear.

Ready to kiss her groom (daddy)

They married each other

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