Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Rainbow of Our Own

Yesterday we were working with beads making necklaces. It's one of the few things I planned at the beginning of summer for filling our long hot days. The girls really liked this project! Contrary to Charlotte's somber and anti camera mood, she had fun beading for a while and then when that got old she played with beads in her bowl.....I ended up finishing her necklace for her. Maddie declared that she wanted to play with beads and make necklaces every day.

While we were working Charlotte noticed that we had a visitor. On the wall next to our pantry there was a beautiful rainbow! The sun was coming through the window and shining into our fish tank and the result was a rainbow of our very own. We took pictures of the rainbow, and took pictures with the rainbow and took pictures with the rainbow on our faces! It was fun. We talked about how the rainbow got to our kitchen (thanks to the fish tank) and then we went upstairs to my children's book library and read "A Rainbow of My Own." Sometimes it pays to own so many kids books......oh,who am I kidding......I think it ALWAYS pays to have books! If you haven't read this book, you should, it's a good one! After the rainbow disappeared we went back to making necklaces.....which I also recommend. It was FUN!

Eleanor did not play with beads

Our rainbow

Please ignore my messy pantry!

Maddie took this pic of me
My camera is crazy heavy.....which makes for blur in little hands

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