Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fun with crayons: take 1

If you are on pintrest then you have probably seen the awesome melted crayon art they have on there. I am a fan of color and a fan of crayons and a BIG fan of making art at home. So, of course I had to give this project a try! I was nearly foaming at the mouth whilst organizing all the crayons by was magical. This project was a little too much for my young theory it seems like it would be easy and kid friendly, but hot hair dryer + melting wax + extended amount of time = not so kidtastic. The girls were interested in it and liked to come by and check the progress and occasionally hold the hair dryer, but overall this was mostly mama made art. It really surprised me how challenging it was to get the crayons to melt in a downward direction.....maybe it was just my hair dryer, but without a lot of repositioning of the dryer the wax wanted to fly all over the place. But, we all love the outcome! So much that I decided to make a few more......obsessive much?!? I did one with just primary colored crayons, one with pinks and purples and one with "natural" colors. I have since hung them all up in our school room to help add some color to the walls. I really liked this project and will probably try it again when they girls are a bit older and can help more. What do you think?

Crayons hot glued on the canvas

Maddie posing with the crayons :o)

Partially done......we had to do it in segments


Primary colors

Pinks and purples


Up on the wall lookin' pretty!

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Lacey said...

this is so neat! i'm adding it to the to-do list.

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