Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daddy's birthday

Daddy had a birthday last month.....the big 31! While he was actually in Switzerland for his birthday day, we had a little party waiting for him when he got home. The girls helped me bake a cake, and of course they licked the spoons and bowls all clean! Eleanor got to have her first taste of cake......the pieces that I shaved off the top of the cake! She was a bit skeptical at first, but I can tell you in the end she enjoyed some cake. Mama made the number 31 on top of the cake with peanut buttercups and the girls decorated the cake with reeces pieces. Peanut butter & chocolate are two of daddy's favorite things! I think the cake turned out really lovely.....although a little sweet, and the girls had a lot of fun making it as a surprise for daddy. They also made a calendar for him, got him a new Chicago Bears hat (his fav) and a day of the week pill dispenser for his vitamins and fish oil......I think that officially makes him old! :o) Cheers to another year with my fantastic husband!

What is this stuff?!?

Whatever it is.....it's goood!

Look Ma, all clean

The cake: before

The cake: after

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