Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun with crayons: take 2

While going through our art supplies setting up for homeschool I ran across an old box of crayons that were mostly broken. We hadn't been using them because new crayons are always more fun than old broken ones. I had seen chunky recycled crayons years ago and always wanted to make something seemed like the right time! This project is really super easy and takes something you already have and don't use, and turns it into something totally new and exciting. I made mine in basic colors but you could put any combination of colors together to make interesting and colorful crayons. You could also use different shaped molds if you have them.....I've seen letters and numbers or hearts, but the molds need to be able to go in the oven! I think these will be great for Eleanor once she is over the putting everything in her mouth/crayon eating stage but my bigger girls are very excited by these crayons really, fun for all ages! :o)

Here's how to make them......

Spray tins with oil

Heat oven to 275

Peel paper off broken crayons

Break the crayons into smaller pieces

Arrange crayons in muffin tins in color combos you like

Bake in oven until they are melty......mine took about 12 minutes but watch it closely

Let them cool completely

Pop them out by turning tin over and tapping on the bottom


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