Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor day camping extravaganza

We headed back up to the mountains over Labor day weekend to do some camping. And this time grandma and papa came with us! It was another long drive, but the kids did better this time except for the nearly constant asking, "Are we there yet?" I think because they knew where we were going and they knew the fun that was ahead they tolerated the 5 hour drive better. It was a great weekend! The weather was a bit cooler than it was in July (which was nice) the lake was also a bit cooler but was lovely once you got in. The first night we were there we barely got all the tents set up before it started raining buckets. We stayed dry and happy all night and the next day was beautiful. A big storm was supposed to come in on Sunday afternoon and last all day Monday so we packed up while it was still dry and left a day early. I was bummed that we had to go home, but constant rain and little kids living in tents is not very much fun. I can't wait to go back to Cascade lake! I think it will be spring before we get back up there but next time we are going to go for a full makes the drive seem more worth it! Here are some pictures from our weekend. It's really a ton of pictures from our weekend. I have a hard time picking and choosing what I want to post, so you get all of my favorites! Enjoy.

She strapped herself in and then couldn't get out! Ha.

Maddie was a big helper with the tent

Papa taking a nap

Eleanor being adorable.....what's new?

Maddie took this one

Another Maddie shot
And the rest that she took were of her shoes! :o)

Yep, we were roughing it!

Waiting patiently (?) to roast s'mores

Escape artist

She was not happy about being contained!

I think she needs to be more expressive!

All 3 kids in one picture!
Too bad it isn't a great shot.

She colored on herself

Grandma and her girls

My two youngest fast asleep

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