Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a little bit of fall

It is beginning to look very much like fall at my house.  And I love it!  I actually think that I may like fall more than I like Christmas.....and that is truly hard to believe.  I really like that this season lasts 2 long months and the creative opportunities seem to be unending.  There are a ridiculous number of pumpkins at my house right now.  Between the market and 2 pumpkin patches our pumpkin total is at 11, and that does not include the little pumpkins we have in the house on tables.  Pumpkintastic!  We have been busy working on fall crafts, some of which are shown below and some I'm hoping to blog about when I have time.  I'm looking forward to November and Thanksgiving.....I've got some books on hold and have some fun art planned.  Until then we are enjoying the colorful leaves, collecting acorns and thinking up fun recipes that include pumpkin!

City acorns.  Most of our acorns have been collected from around downtown Raleigh!

Pumpkin spice hand soap.....yummy!

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Anonymous said...

I like the cute chubby pumpkin in the doorway the best! But the crazy pumpkins in the window are really cute...:)

County McCounterson