Friday, October 21, 2011

Hill Ridge Farm 2011

We made our annual pilgrimage out to Hill Ridge Farm a couple weeks ago.  It was nice that grandma and papa were able to go with us again this year!  It's a fun time for all (at least I hope it is) and having the extra pairs of hands makes for a much smoother day.  Plus I really like that my girls will have memories of their grandma and papa at the pumpkin farm.  I was bummed this year because we didn't get to go on the train, but there was a head on collision with the train and a hay ride tractor so understandably the train was closed for the rest of the day.  Hill Ridge is always an action packed day for us and after a few hours the kiddos were grumpy and ready to go home.  I think we may try to get out there again this year just because we missed the train and the line was super long for the big slide so we skipped that too.  We've found that halloween day is usually like a ghost town there which means no lines and no running around from one thing to the next.  A much slower pace.  Maybe we'll go back on the 31st.  All in all it was a great day and I'm glad we went!

Bounce housing

Charlotte got really lost in the maze and needed help out.  :o)

Eleanor learned that hay does not taste good

My newly 5 year old is crazy tall!

Corn angels

Eleanor also learned that she does not like sitting in corn.

"Get me outta here"

Mama learned (again) that taking pictures of 3 kids is WAY harder than 2 kids.

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