Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I decided that instead of doing a separate post for every little Halloween activity we did, I would combine them all into one huge Halloween-palooza blog.  This year was a lot of fun because the girls (minus Eleanor) were old enough to know exactly what they wanted to dress up as.  Maddie has wanted to be Spider-Man for the past couple of months......I was kinda hoping that she would change her mind and pick something a little girlish, but she wanted to be Spidey and she stuck with it!  I actually felt a lot of pride watching my big girl walk around dressed up in a boy costume, and we actually got a few surprised remarks about a girl Spider-Man.  Charlotte is my girly girl through and through and wanted to be a ballerina.  She was so excited to go pick out her costume and we ended up getting actual ballet clothes instead of a costume (minus the slippers) so she will be all set if we sign her up for dance classes.  Eleanor dressed up as a Care Bear for the girls' school party and was Winnie the Pooh Honey Bee for the Halloween parade and trick or treating.  We had quite a few costumes to choose from for the baby!  We didn't do as much this year as we did last year, but what we did participate in was a lot of fun and the girls had a great time dressing up and of course receiving candy!  It was another great Halloween at the Schultz house but I am happy to be done until next year.  :o)

School party

Charlotte and her best friend Wynston

Maddie and Noah (whom she says she is gonna marry) Gulp.


Do you see how crazy TALL my child is?

Eleanor likes being in their classes and playing

The two ballerinas

Super heroes always eat their carrots first!

Do you want a grape?

None of my kids enjoyed the inside of a pumpkin.....
But they all did it!

I love her face!

Dan is our master carver :o)

Our glowing pumpkins

Once we were done carving we took our pumpkins out to keep us company in the hot tub

Halloween parade

I didn't get any pics of us trick or treating outside because it was rainy-ish outside.
But here are the girls with their loot!

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