Monday, January 30, 2012

I wish it would snow down, down on me

My kids have been talking about and anticipating snow for months now!  Since the end of summer I have heard them discussing snow angels, snowmen, eating snow & hot cocoa.  We all want it to snow very desperately.  But mother nature seems to have other plans for has been crazy warm this winter!  I can count the number of truly cold days on my 2 hands.  Most of this winter I have been wearing my flip flops, we hardly ever need to wear our heavy jackets and Eleanor has been assaulted by a winter hat maybe 4 times.  I don't understand.  I moan and complain about the heat and humidity all summer and the only thing that gets me through the misery is the dream of cold wintery weather.  I love winter!  I want some snow gosh darn it!  Instead we have 70 degree, sunny days that feel exactly like JANUARY.  It is nice to get outside and move our bodies without 5 layers of clothing on, but come on, it needs to snow!  All of this winter warmth makes me truly afraid that this summer is going to be inferno hot and totally bugtastic.  I haven't completely given up hope (we did get snow in February 2 years ago) but I'm starting to think that our beloved snow is going to be a no show this year.  Bummer.  Since the weather has been so annoyingly sunny and warm nice, we've been enjoying the sunshine & playing outside.  Here's the proof:

Maddie drew this

Babies like chalk.....especially eating it

Charlotte was flying like a bird

Babies also like to eat random pieces of bark

Babies do not like to eat dandelions.....but they try anyway and then need help cleaning their mouth out!

Then they found a worm and spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of it.  Yuck!

My hydrangeas already have JANUARY!

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