Thursday, January 26, 2012

The morning the world almost ended

The girls woke up before 7:00 this morning.  I'm not exactly sure on the time, but I rolled over, looked at the alarm clock with one eye, saw that the first number was a 6 and then rolled back over and tried to ignore their giggling for as long as possible.  They are generally pretty good in the morning regardless of what time they wake up.  Charlotte is usually the instigator (Maddie & Eleanor like to sleep in) and wakes up at least Eleanor.  Sometimes Charlotte will get up and go into the TV room and put on cartoons all by herself, but most of the time she climbs into Eleanor's crib and the two of them talk and laugh and jump and share Eleanor's pacis (all while Maddie is still asleep with a pillow over her head).  This sisterly bonding time usually buys me an additional 15 minutes of snoozing time. I drag my butt out of bed, crawl upstairs, get Charlotte out of Ellie's crib and send her in to watch cartoons.  I change Eleanor's diaper and nurse her and send her in to play with Charlotte.  All the while Maddie is still sleeping......I swear that girl could sleep through an air raid!  But that is not the point of my rambling.  I close the baby gate and groggily make my way downstairs to get my life line in a cup.  My kids are mucho adorable first thing in the morning, but I NEED my coffee before I can deal with anyone/anything!  My kids are much happier once I have coffee in me, trust me.  I grab my cup and walk over to the coffee maker and discover this:

And I think to myself......Oh, how sweet, Dan left me a little love note.  (He does this sometimes!)  Upon further inspection I discover that it is not a love note but an un-love note.  The first line reads....."We are out of coffee.  No lie."  This is the end of the world!  How could this possibly happen?  I start to panic.  This can not be true.  No way, NO WAY!  I NEED my coffee!  The rest of the note reads....."No I couldn't make any this morning.  Yes, it is really empty.  Seriously.  But...." 

"I got you a cup at the gas station.  It is in the microwave.  It is not doctored yet so it would stay hotter.  I love you.  We need coffee......"

What the crap?  Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that my husband drove to the gas station to get me coffee.....if he hadn't, the world would probably have come to an end.  But what I don't understand is why he didn't tell me that we were out of coffee yesterday when he used the last of the coffee?!?  I know, I know, he works full time, does college nearly full time, takes out the trash, sometimes does the dishes and is an awesome father and husband......but come on......running out of coffee is world ending stuff!

I doctored the gas station coffee with creamer & sugar and downed that luke warm bad boy like it was my job.  The caffeine enabled me to get the kids ready for school, make their lunches and get out the door with enough time to drive through Dunkin Donuts and get myself a large hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar.  Oh, and I forgave my dear husband for his transgressions.  I need to make a trip to the store this afternoon........we need coffee!

*Disclaimer: I'm not sure if the " marks are required for quoting what someone else wrote, but I added them because it looked better and seemed to make it easier to differentiate between my writing and what Dan wrote.  If you are one of those people who are annal about these kinds of things, I apologize profusely......but really, I don't care.  Don't you have better things to do? :o)

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