Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little of this.....a little of that

Life is chugging along as usual at our house.  We're getting back into our non-holiday routine and although I miss the decorations and festiveness, I'm glad to be back to life as we know it.  Dan started back up with school and we are adjusting to his new school work load, I am dealing with some minor stresses with the Wake County school district and as always we are juggling all of the other things that come with being a family of 5.  These next couple of months are going to be busy....we have soccer starting up again at the beginning of March and I'd really like to get Charlotte into some kind of dance class.  I have not even begun to start thinking about my garden, but that needs to happen soon if we want early spring veggies.  There are some exciting things in the works for the next couple months, but I'll write about those at a later time.

My kids are growing up so fast!  Part of me really likes that they are getting bigger, because they are also getting easier.  But another part of me wishes that they could stay little forever.  That they could always be at home with me with no where to go and nothing in particular to do.  Craft projects, toenail painting, baking, dressing up, playing at the park.  The fun stuff, the easy stuff.  I love the age that Eleanor is at right now.  She's becoming her own little person and has opinions about things.  She is learning new words every day and figuring out how things work in the world.  I love that she brings me random pieces of clothing that she finds (or pulls out of the big girls drawers) and wants me to put them on her.  The other day she had on her footie pajamas, socks, 2 pairs of underwear, a tank top and 2 headbands.  It's the lovely hobo stage.....I remember both Maddie & Charlotte going through this same stage, and I loved it just as much then as I do now.  Charlotte is still our little girly princess.  She will rotate through multiple princess dresses throughout the day and always wants to wear sparkly things.  Anytime there is music on she is sure to be shaking her little booty and she's actually quite good at it!  I love listening to Charlotte talk, more and more she is surprising me with the insightful and well thought out things she says.  Often times I feel like she isn't listening to me, or isn't paying attention but a day later she will recite verbatim everything I told her, or I'll hear her telling Maddie about something that her and I discussed.  Charlotte has also gotten really good at the computer.  It's fun to watch her learning!  What can I say about Maddie?  I look at her and see a girl far beyond her years.   She's ridiculously tall and so stinking beautiful!  One day (in the far, far distant future) she is going to give the boys a run for their money.  She is so smart, sometimes I am astounded by the things she knows, the things she asks about and the level of understanding that she has.  Dan and I often wonder if she has a photographic memory or something similar because she remembers everything.  You can explain something once to her or show her something only one time and she soaks it in like a sponge and never forgets.  She's getting really good at reading which makes me immensely proud, I often get teary eyed after she's done reading me something.  And the girl is seriously funny!  All kids are funny at a certain level, but Maddie makes me laugh out loud all the time.  We've been playing games at night before the girls go to bed nearly every night, and it is something that we all look forward to and I am amazed at how well they do.  They are really good at taking turns and are learning how to be gracious winners (and losers) and it is just so much fun to interact with them in this way.  I really love my kids!

Isn't this parenting thing amazing?  Having the privilege of sharing a life with these little ones, guiding them through their childhoods, helping them become everything they want to be.  I am truly humbled.  And I'm gonna stop gushing because it's gonna make me cry.  :o)

I thought I'd share some random pictures that I've taken the last couple of weeks.  Just things that we've been doing and stuff around the house.  A couple pictures are projects I worked on over the last couple of months that have been completed and I never shared.  You know.....a little of this and a little of that!

Eleanor on the go.....
she is always running somewhere

We moved Charlotte into the 4 year old class at preschool
and within a few weeks, she learned how to write her name!
Big girl.

Am I the only one who puts my kids in the bath during the day in wintertime?
They'll play in there for a good hour!  Breaks the day up.

Water color painted coffee filter snowflakes

Rag curls.  I didn't get an after shot, so we'll have to do it again.
But they turned out really cute.....REALLY curly!

Dresser painting project

Dresser behind Eleanor
I still need to get the pulls on

Lots-o-books from the library
Raleigh Kids Exchange consignment sale.
Spring/Summer clothes & shoes

Notice the shiny black tap shoes?  I got a pair for both Maddie & Charlotte.
I'm hoping Dan can make them a little stage.  This WILL be fun! :o)

Flag bunting in the girls room

We finished painting these mini canvases a while ago.....
FINALLY got around to hanging them in the girls room

I finally got around to cleaning and organizing my craft area!
I can actually work here now......and I have.

Hopefully this week is treating you well!  I'm overly tired, but keeping the sleepies away with copious amounts of caffeine.  Getting closer to the weekend!

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