Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There has been sickness in the house of Schultz.  Thankfully I am the only one who is sick, and although I'm not really thankful about being sick, I am happy that my kids aren't sick because it is so much worse when they can't sleep and are extra whiny!  On one hand it is easier when I only need to deal with my own snot, but it is also a lot harder to explain to my kids that I am not feeling well and try and convince them to make their own lunch and not jump all over me while I'm laying on the couch trying to nap.  They just don't understand!  Maddie and Charlotte are at an age where they can watch cartoons (all day) and I can lay out the crayons & coloring books and they will yell and argue with each other  quietly color, but Eleanor is a different story.  She is at an age of discovery.  She wants to empty out everything, move anything that isn't nailed down and she is climbing like a chimpanzee.  She is not to be trusted.  Luckily her new favorite thing to do is climb up on the bench at our kitchen table and play with whatever is there.  Yesterday (or was it the day before?) baby Ellie was hanging out at the table shirtless, with maple syrup all up in her hair, eating crayons and playing with a glass drinking glass & kid silverware.  I was on the couch with tissues stuffed up in my nostrils to prevent the continual flow of snot from running down my face and totally supervising.  No one was hurt!  Actually the girls have been very good these past few days and I had a random serge of energy and did a bunch of cooking and cleaning.  Dan says that I should be sick more often.  Jerk.  :o)

The older girls stayed out of my hair these past few days so I didn't get pictures of them.  I did get some shots of Eleanor and her antics.

In our pajamas all day long
Wearing mismatched/too big shoes
Eating cookies
(The girls helped me make cookies while I was sick.  10 points for me!)

Photographic evidence of:
eating crayons
maple syrup hair

Charlotte asks me, "Mama, have you seen the glittery purple crayon?", but if you need a fork I'm your gal.

She did actually get some coloring done!
It wasn't all nutritional

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