Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The beach in spring

We went to the beach for Easter weekend and had tons of fun!  It was a lot colder than we anticipated but luckily we brought jackets and there was an indoor pool that was nice and toasty warm.  The condo that we stayed at had an awesome outdoor water slide that the girl went down exactly twice because the outdoor pool was freezing.  We're looking forward to visiting there again with warmer weather so we can enjoy the slide.  Despite the cold, we played on the beach, ran from waves, dug in the sand and had a great time.  This was Eleanor's first time at the beach (at least that she would remember) and she loved it!  She was a bit scared of the ocean, but she liked playing in the sand and running around.  We got to eat at some great beachy restaurants where the food was delicious, and one of them even had corn hole set up where we played for a while after dinner.  I love going on vacation with my family, and the older the girls get the easier and more enjoyable it is.  Everyone had a lovely time and hopefully we'll get back to Emerald Isle sometime this summer!

I think Dan looks very GQ here

Lots of pelicans




Maddie found this on the beach while she was hunting for sea shells!  Ewww.

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