Monday, June 4, 2012

HOP HOP HOP......catching up

So, I've decided to try and play catch up.  I am so back logged on pictures......all the way back to Easter!  I have been thinking about making a new blog post, but I just didn't know where to begin.  Julie Andrews gives good advice, so I'll start at the very beginning.  Ha.  The girls were very excited about coloring eggs this year, just as they have been every other year.  I happen to dislike dying eggs very makes me very antsy because the potential for catastrophe is great.  This year I was especially nervous because it would be Eleanor's first experience with egg coloring.  Things turned out very well though, only a couple eggs got dropped and cracked (which we ate) and no dye was spilled.  Ellie wasn't very sure what to think about the whole process, but by the end she wanted to be in on the action.  I think the eggs turned out very well!

We spent Easter weekend at the beach.  The condos that we stayed at had an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos and they had a very scary Easter bunny!  I'm surprised that my kids were even willing to stand next to him for a photo!  Eleanor pretty much had to be forced.  I tried to keep the candy in their Easter baskets to a minimum, but there was still plenty of candy after their school party, Easter baskets and the hunt they had at the beach.  They were thrilled, Dan and I were less thrilled.  We threw all of the remaining candy away once we got home!  We had a good time!

Ummm....what's this?!?

No one will notice if I take this, right?

Nothing like candy in the morning

Breakfast in their bathing suits

The scariest Easter bunny ever!

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