Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Insert Popsicle

Poor Charlotte is having such a hard time with teething right now. She wants to be happy....I can see it, but her mouth just hurts so much. She has been really cranky and not napping well and has been waking at night. Yesterday was especially bad and nothing cold that I gave her was helping. Insert Popsicle. Under perfect circumstances I probably wouldn't introduce such a sugary snack to my 9 month old, but it was seriously getting bad. It was a bit tart which made it pretty cute to watch her face scrunch up and the stick provided a nice hard surface for her to chew on. It kept Charlotte occupied for a good 20 minutes and gave me a little time without listening to her whine and fuss. Today was a bit better and I think a tooth actually broke through the skin, so maybe things will get a little better.....that is until the next go round.

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