Monday, March 23, 2009

Strawberry fields forever

Whew....what a busy weekend! Well, for Dan anyway. Just kidding....we all had a busy time this weekend, I just had a little less manual labor, and a little more child minding and errand running. It's such a good feeling working outside in the garden. I was telling Dan that it feels like we are really doing something the end of the day I feel weary and sun kissed and accomplished. We may or may not have something to show for it in a few months time (here's hoping that we WILL!) but the journey alone is worth it. Plus, I already have things sprouting up outside....both types of lettuce and the radishes I planted in with the carrots!! The strawberry box is complete, Dan even stirred up the dirt and raked it smooth. All I have to do now is add compost and plant my strawberry plants....oh, and I need for my strawberry plants to get their butts to my front door.....hopefully they will arrive this week! I can not wait until we have some fresh strawberries to eat!!

Dan building the strawberry bed

He's actually not irritated with me at all....he just looks like he is lol!
I think the sun is in his eyes.

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