Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the winners

I finally chose which pictures I wanted to use for my photo project. I knew that it was going to be hard but I had no idea just how hard. I decided to just go with my favorites although I have a lot more favorites!! These pictures are a mixture of funny and serious and I don't think that I will get bored of them. There really isn't any rhyme or reason to my selections other than I wanted semi recent ones of Maddie rather than going with a lot of baby pics. Now all I have to do is stop second guessing myself and order the prints. I am not 100% sure if I am satisfied with all of my editing, but I don't know if I will ever be totally satisfied. I may tweak a little more, but I am ready to be done with this part and off to the framing, hanging and enjoying part. I may or may not post pics of the finished product.....I may force you to come visit me to see!! California people start booking your flights! lol As always, your comments are welcome.




Kris10 said...

Great choices, you are so talented and your kiddos are so photogenic!!!

Dano said...


Becky said...

my only concern is this: be careful when you're printing that the entire photo is printed. I'm not sure if you're printing them at home or through Kodak or Shutterfly or what, but I've found when I put a border on a picture and then have them print it for me, I lose the border. Does that make sense? Good luck with the printing process.

The pictures: FANTASTIC!!!! Make business cards girl, get some extra cash doing something you're amazing at and, I assume, you love doing! :)

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