Saturday, June 20, 2009

backyard fun

It has been so hot the past few days. SO hot. We went out in the backyard to play for a little while and without much effort we were all dripping with sweat. I decided to water my tomato plants which turned into Charlotte playing with the hose and completely soaking herself. I put the nozzle on the mist setting and she had so much fun. I also got a big bowl of cold water and some ice cubes and placed them on the screened in porch and stripped the girl's wet and sandy clothes off and let them rinse off and play in the cool water. Sometimes kids are so easy to please!! They had a great time with the bowl of water.....they ended up taking their already wet clothes and "cleaning" the porch. They also draped the wet clothes and place mats on my leg to "doctor" my injury. At least once a day Maddie plays doctor on me....she even requests that I fake cry lol. Such funny kids! The girls have really been enjoying playing on the slide together. My little Charlotte who doesn't walk yet (she takes about 5 steps and then gives up and crawls) can climb up the slide by herself!! She climbs up, turns herself around on the landing, sits down and slides back down the slide all on her own!! It's amazing to me that she is able to do that. I guess having a big sister really makes a difference in development.

Charlotte is also talking up a storm. She says: hat, cup, owie, all done, dog, and she has been saying Mommy a lot lately.....which is weird because she also says Mama, and no one calls me mommy. Maddie calls me Mama, and both Dan and I refer to me as Mama.....I'm kinda thinking that mommy is Maddie. We'll have to pay attention for a while and see if she is trying to say Maddie but it's coming out mommy.

Maddie is in a phase right now. A non cooperative one. Everything is "I don't like it" or "I don't want to." It is so frustrating because she says no even when she doesn't mean no. I know she's trying to exert her independence, but it just feels like I'm running into a wall all day long. I don't mind her having an opinion, but I dislike her just trying to be difficult because she feels like it. Hopefully this will pass quickly because I am done with the bad attitude. I thank God that she is a hilarious child and keeps me laughing most of the day.....that is her saving grace right now!

Dan is taking off tomorrow morning with the girls to visit his parents house. He won't be back until sometime Tuesday evening which means that I will have a quiet house all to myself for a day and a half. I am so excited. I've been feeling a little burnt out the last couple weeks with everything that has been going on with the move and then us being sick and the bad attitudes. I am so looking forward to a little quiet, some reading and a bubble bath. I might even get some blogs written up!!

I hope that everyone had a great Father's day today. Us girls took Dan out to lunch and got him his annual "my dad is the best" shirt. This year's shirt says: Best Pop Around and the O in pop is a coke cap. It's pretty cute. Maddie also made him a cute card. It was a good day and it was nice to see Dan in the middle of it for lunch. Happy Father's day dads!

(notice my leg that is being treated by the doctor?)

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Becky said...

Wow! What a smart girl Chralotte is! I agree it must have a lot to do with having a big sister. I think Declan has done somethings earlier because of all his older cousins. I'm jealous for your little "retreat" but I'm know you deserve it more! Have a GREAT time! :)

County McCounterson