Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home tour: dining room

Not so easy to take pictures of the dining room. It's not that it's a small room, but it's hard to get into a good angle that actually shows anything. Just another reason why I need a wide angle lens! hint hint. I really like having a designated dining room. I have no idea if we'll use it very much (we've only used it once thus far) but the option of using it is worth having it. I think that if we had people over for dinner we would use the dining room, and if we end up hosting thanksgiving we will for sure use it! The rest of the time it is a pretty room that generally stays clean and free of toys because there isn't anything exciting for the girls to do in there. When you walk through the front door, the staircase is to your left, the hallway going into the living room is in front of you and the dining room is to the right. There is also a pass through from the dining room to the kitchen which all together makes a fun circle to run around. Dan had the girls chasing him the other day as he ran around and around.....maybe not such a great example (I'd rather the girls not run around the house) but they had enormous fun chasing Daddy. Dan and I have bounced around the idea of putting double french doors at the entrance of the dining room so we can close that room off, and we have also talked about converting the room into an office someday, but for now we are going to do nothing. It's lovely the way that it is and I'd like to see what kind of use it gets before we turn it into something else. We will however be staining our table and hutch a dark cherry color. Once things settle down and we have time for a project that big. Time? Who are we kidding?? We never have time lol, but we'll fit it in somehow! So, that is our dining room.....wanna come over for dinner so we can use it?

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