Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last boardwalk

Our last trip to the boardwalk was more or less to use the rest of our ride tickets. Maddie was a pill most of the evening and wouldn't eat her dinner and was generally throwing a fit, but we tried to turn it around so that we could go to the boardwalk one last time. It's really hard when I want something fun for Maddie like the carnival or cake after dinner and she just isn't earning the reward. Even when I tell her that she will get a surprise after dinner, or get to go on rides at the end of the day sometimes she just throws her tantrum anyway and generally loses out on the fun. I mostly follow through with what I tell her, but this instance I wanted to go to the boardwalk and what fun would it be to go by myself.....oh the joy of vacationing with the hubbs and little free time to ourselves. Anyway, with enough downtime between Maddie's meltdown and leaving for the boardwalk I think we put enough distance between the bad behavior and the reward. We ended up having a great time, but there was no ice cream, because she did not have a happy dinner plate. We went on a few rides and Daddy won both girls stuffed animals at one of the carnival games. The boardwalk reminded me of the NC state fair and I am excited for it to come in October. There is nothing quite like walking along the beach to the boardwalk after dinner at night, going on rides and eating ice cream cones!

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