Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am still among the breathing, just chaotically busy. It seems like we have been going and going and going and I just can't seem to make time to blog. Not that I don't want to, I just lack the minutes. It doesn't help that Dan downloaded season 3 of Dexter. Not one little bit. I have some great photos I am excited about editing and posting but currently they are still on my camera so I'm not even close to doing that. At least I'm taking pictures as the days pass by. I always feel depressed when I forget, or don't have the opportunity to capture at least a few (if not many) pictures of our happenings.

I have been diligently packing all day today. We are leaving tomorrow morning to go camping at a lake in Ohio. No, I am not very excited about a 9+ hour car ride with the fam. I would actually really enjoy a nice long car ride with the hubbs, but 2 little girls trapped in car seats for that long is going to be torturous. I went out and bought some new toys that might keep their attention for a while since they are new and shiny, and some delicious (probably not very nutritious) snacks to bribe them with along our journey. We'll also be making frequent stops to get out and stretch our legs and let the girls get some energy out. We'll be gone for about a week and on the way home we're stopping for 2 days in Baltimore to visit a friend. I have never been to either state and I am getting excited to spend the days at the lake and nights around a camp fire and to explore downtown Baltimore. That will be the largest downtown I've been to since moving from San Diego. It should be fun! Once we get back from this vacation we should be settled for a while. We have talked about going to the beach again for a couple nights towards the end of summer and once it starts to cool down we'll probably camp a little closer to home, but other than that our summer plans will be home based.

It is gorgeous out today! This morning there was a chill in the air that reminded me of fall. It made me yearn for the crisp air, colored leaves and cozy fires that fall brings. I am having a good time this summer, but there is nothing like fall. I'm sure the lack of humidity was due to the buckets of rain we received and I'm also sure that by tomorrow the humidity will be back and not so far from today we'll have ridiculously hot and humid weather. I'm just thankful for the little taste of fall we got today.

I really need to write a blog about Charlotte, and soon. She is growing up so fast, and I need to get these moments out in writing before I forget about them. She is turning into such a kid and SO quickly! I don't remember it happening so fast with Maddie. Charlotte has a ton of words, can repeat almost anything you say, can point animals out in books, knows almost all of her body parts, and has been playing with toys appropriately. Today she picked up toys and put (threw) them into her shopping cart and then pushed the shopping cart around and then walked around to the other side of the cart and unloaded it. Then she did the whole process over and over again. I guess that is probably totally normal for her age, but it amazed me. She learned how to do that without me showing her how. The shopping cart stays mostly in the closet because Maddie isn't into it right now. It truly is amazing to watch a child grow from infancy, where they can't do anything, to mimicking human behavior. It gets a little less awesome as they get older so I'm trying to savor all of Charlotte's first experiences. Well, that almost turned into a blog about needing to write a blog which I think makes me officially done here.

I doubt I'll be around for the next week or so. I look forward to life settling down so that I can get back to my pictures and blogging. As much as people (all two of you lol) enjoy reading my blog I do it more for myself and for my girls. Won't this be an amazing chronicle for them to look back on when they are older? I've always wished that I was a journal-er, but I think that for me the romance is more in the actual journal, the binding and the pages of words than actually in the process of putting the ink on the paper....if that makes any sense. I way prefer blogging, and thus far in my 29 years it is the only thing that has stuck. I have countless journals that I started and abandoned after a short period of time. I blog because it calms me and clears my head. Oh, that and it's a great way for the people I love to know whats happening here in our little corner of the world. Anyway, I will eventually be back in full force....soon.

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Becky said...

I love your blogs! I miss them when you don't write. But I look forward to all the fun pictures from our trip and all the stories! Have fun and stay safe!! :)

County McCounterson