Monday, July 20, 2009

On the road

We are finally home after what feels like forever but in actuality was less than a week. It is hard work doing so much driving with kiddos. On Wednesday we were on the road for 12 hours and drove through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and ended up in north, west Ohio. Our destination was Geneva on the lake.....the lake being Erie. The girls were actually really good for the drive, naps were dismal, there was a lot of whining and by the end my nerves were shot, but for 12 hours in car seats they did well. We went through many snacks and cycled through all of the toys we brought many times. By the time we got to the lake the girls were completely DONE being in the car and thank goodness there were aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa to run after them and keep them entertained. Boy, was I glad when bedtime came around and I could just relax a little. Dan and I decided that we won't being doing such long car rides for some least not until the girls are a little older and can entertain themselves a little better. And that in the future we will be breaking up long car rides with an over night stay.....for everyone's sanity!! I have a lot more blogging to do, and an insane number of pictures.....I filled up a 2 mb card and even had to delete some. Who knows when I'll have time to get around to all of that, hopefully soon. So, check back.

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