Friday, July 3, 2009

Random vacation pics

I'm almost done with the chronicling of the beach vacation! I more blog after this one and I'm done. Besides, I have more backyard fun pictures for you! lol We are exciting here in the Schultz house!! There is no rhyme or reason for these pics other than the fact that I like them and I didn't want to make separate blogs for all of them. My girls are cute. Enough said.

P.S. In case I haven't mentioned it, Charlotte is walking. Full on WALKING! She started the day we left for vacation and she hasn't looked back. She is so amazingly adorable walking around! She is also cutting four molars right now. Not nearly as cute as the walking, but at least we are getting them over with all at once. Slow and drawn out would be far worse......I think these molars bring the tooth count to 12? Maybe 13. I've lost count, and her patience with me exploring with my fingers is gone. Now I just get chomped on. Cheers for walking and chompers!

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Becky said...

EEK! Mobile baby! :) Fun times!! Yuck, teething, not so fun times. Dec still just has the 6, 2 bottom, 4 top......I'm hoping the rest come soon.....

Thanks for sharing about your vacation, it's getting me excited for ours in August!!

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