Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am a sucker for sunsets. Always have been. There is just something so magical about the sun ending it's journey for the day and the beautiful colors that it casts into the sky to light up everything around it. Like most people I enjoy an orange sky or fuchsia colored clouds, but more than that I adore dusk. That beautiful time when the sun has started setting but the color show hasn't started all across the horizon. The light at dusk is soft and forgiving. It reminds me that the day is truly ending, but still isn't done. I think I would prefer standing on a deserted beach in the calm of dusk even though it's not the flashiest part of the sun setting. It's the time of day that post cards tend to bypass in order to capture the glow of amber skies. I think it will be my personal mission to bring dusk into the world of postcard greetings. Or, a slightly less ambition could be to just start collecting post cards that depict dusk. Anyway lol.....I have a couple shots of both and I think they all have qualities that I find beautiful!

This was a really cool spider web that I found on a walk. My mission was to capture dusk and then the sunset, but what I got was crazy big spidey and web at dusk. Trippy. Macro lens would have made this an amazing shot! Hint hint for Christmas/birthday ideas! lol

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