Friday, September 11, 2009


Maddie's birthday is tomorrow. She is going to be 3 and this is the first year that she really understands what is going on. We've been talking about her birthday for a couple of weeks now and counting down the days. She is very into marking the calendar with x's and counting how many more days till her big day. Depending on the hour, she will either tell you that her birthday is in 10 weeks, or 7 days. I keep explaining that it is tomorrow, but she apparently likes the sound of 10 and 7. The plan for tomorrow is blueberry pancakes (fresh, from scratch), going to Marbles Museum, having dinner at a restaurant where they will sing to her, and cake (a small one) and presents at home. Her birthday party (a small one) isn't until next weekend, but I wanted to make sure that we celebrated the day that she was born. I am all for birthday parties for kids and my kids will grow up having them, but I am so not interested in making a big show out of it. I think that being surrounded by people that love them, some good food and cake is all they really need. If people give them presents, great, if they don't, great......she doesn't need them. I think that this birthday is going to be a wonderful one!! I think I'm just as excited as she is! :)

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