Tuesday, October 6, 2009

leash laws

I'm curious as to who invented the "kid leash." Was the person out in public with their out of control kid(s) and thought...."Hmmm, if only I could put a collar on my kid(s) and attach a leash to it.....better yet, I'll make a little furry animal backpack and attach the leash to that so it doesn't seem like I'm treating my young child like a dog!" I don't understand the kid leash, and frankly I get irrationally angry when I see parents using them. Have we gotten to a point in society where we've just given up on parenting? Is it just too darn hard and too time consuming to teach our children what is expected of them? Yes, it is sometimes a pain in the butt to take kids out in public and often times they have their own agenda which makes outings take twice as long. But is guiding them on a leash and yanking them where you want them to go really the answer? How about understanding the limitations of a toddler? How about taking shorter trips because you know they don't behave for longer than 30 minutes? How about scheduling in extra time during your outing so your kid(s) can explore with your help rather than trying to dart off? Maddie has a hard time listening sometimes, especially when we're out and about. I try and explain to her ahead of time what I expect of her and what the consequences are if she doesn't listen (usually leaving wherever we are) and 99% of the time I have to remind her to hold my hand when we're in a parking lot or crossing the street even though I've already told her 15 gazillion times. But I know my child, I know the issues we struggle with and I try my best to set our outings up to be positive experiences.....with that being said, we still have bad trips, she still gets put in time out on a nearby bench and we still sometimes have to leave early if she isn't listening. But you know what??? She's only 3. Her behavior is developmentally appropriate, and it's my job as her parent to teach her the way I expect her to behave. It's going take time, but the love I show my kids through discipline and patience will benefit them so much more than a leash ever will. Ruff ruff.

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Becky said...

The world is learning how to be lazier and lazier I guess. :)

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