Monday, October 26, 2009

busy week

My parents are visiting from California and keeping us very busy indeed. We've been to the state fair, the museum, fabric stores, a pumpkin patch, nature walks, visiting friends and I hosted a facial/foot spa brunch at my house. Grandma and Papa leave tomorrow morning and our world will slowly go back to normal.....after the sadness and missing them desperately wears off. My girls love them some Grandma and Papa! Eventually I will edit and post the 300+ pictures I took during our adventures this week, but for now I am just enjoying time spent with family and capturing as much of it as I can. Oh, and I'm enjoying the scenery as well! the fall!

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Becky said...

Hmm, can you mail me some of those leaves? I want to make a wreath using real leaves, but we don't have any trees that make them in those pretty colors! :)

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