Sunday, November 22, 2009

closer to fine

Hooray! We're finally getting back to healthy! Charlotte and I still have little coughs but other than that both girls seem to be doing great. I don't like being sick, and I really don't like my kids being sick but I understand that it's a fact of life! Every time we catch and beat illness our immune system is a little stronger......but I don't have to like going through the process! :) Thank goodness for probiotics! If you haven't heard of them, take a minute and search google, if you don't have a minute, just trust me and buy some in either packets or capsule form that you can break open and mix into sippy cups or bottles. They help restore the natural flora in your digestive track.....natural yogurt will work too, but when my kids are sick they won't eat hardly anything. Probiotics really make a difference!

I was nervous about this weekend and thinking that it was going to suck having the girls by myself for 3 days, but it actually turned out to be a great weekend! They were both feeling better which equals much better moods all around and a lot less clinging and whining. The weather was great on Friday.....unseasonably warm and we were able to go for a nature walk around our neighborhood. I didn't want to take them anywhere far because Charlotte was still having a bit of digestive trouble and that's never fun when you're out and about, but a wagon ride and playing in leaves was a good time! We went to two different parks on Saturday and Sunday and it was so nice to be out of the house and in fresh air. Both girls took 3 hour naps all weekend which was wonderful for me, although I find that when they sleep longer than normal I spend most of that time waiting around for them to wake up instead of doing something useful. But it was a nice break and they obviously needed the rest! I got some sewing done this weekend, bought some new fabric for a couple of projects I'm going to be starting after turkey day and I got a lot of photo editing done! Be prepared for a lot of posts this week....I have a LOT of photos I need to blog and I figured what better time to get caught up!

All in all we had a great weekend! Now I have to start getting my house and my kitchen prepared for Thanksgiving. Then the race to Christmas starts.....I have so many things I want to make with the girls, and as gifts and I only have so many days to get it all done. I've given myself the challenge of trying to make, or buy used as much as I can this Christmas. I don't want to get sucked into what this season has turned into and I want the gifts that I give to be from my heart. Of course I won't be able to make or buy used for everything, but I think it's a good goal for me and I'm finding it to be quite fun! I posted a video on my blog about a week ago that really makes you think click HERE if you want to watch it. On top of my seasonal to do list, Maddie is getting really close to learning to read and I am totally unprepared. When did 3 year and 2 month olds start reading? So, I need to do some serious research and get some books and such to help facilitate us. If anyone has any suggestions on books, or learning materials I am all ears! Wouldn't it be funny if she was reading before she was fully potty trained. Yeah. Funny. Hope you had a great weekend and a thankful short week!


Becky said...

I have the goal of making most of my Christmas presents too this year! Good luck to both of us! :)

Anonymous said...

I have heard the "Bob Books" are great for learning how to read. I have never seen them, just heard about them. (Kelly)

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