Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free craft: recycled Christmas tree stumps

I was sitting in traffic yesterday talking to Dan on my cell about our Christmas eve plans and was informed by my brilliant husband that Christmas is on Friday and not on Thursday like I had believed for the past few weeks! I totally thought Christmas was on Thursday and I've been freaking out about getting things done by then when in fact I have an extra day. Yes!

When we bought our Christmas tree last week they trimmed the end off of it which left a 6 inch stump. I asked them if I could keep the stump and then dug in their trash bin and found another stump and tree branches that I could use as garland. I had the grand idea of turning the stumps into candle holders. I often chide Dan for his love of power tools, but more often than not I rope him into using his tools to create my lofty crafting ideas. He used his drill and a special hole bit to carve a tea light sized hole in the top of my tree stumps. I liked the finished product so much that I went to another Christmas tree lot looking for tree stumps! I found 3 more and brought them home for Dan to turn into candle holders. They are still very fresh and sappy so I've put paper towels underneath them to keep the sap off my table, but eventually they will dry out and Dan has plans to spray them with some type of sealant. I think they turned out to be so beautiful! I like them with the Christmas tree garland, but I'm planning on keeping them out year round.....maybe on my mantle. This was an easy project and a great way to recycle tree stumps!

Here's a little feast for the eyes! Day 5 of one boot palooza.

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Becky said...

Before I was a full-fledged hairdresser (like 2 months before) I did wedding hair for my sister-in-law's best friend, I practiced her hair twice, drove down to San Diego (where the wedding was) the night before, spent the night, did 3 of the bridesmaids hair, and the bride's hair, not heading home until the end of the day around 7. The offered payment? I was granted permission to take a centerpiece. Yup, that's all. Not even any gas money. Why do I tell you this? The centerpiece was stumps of woods with holes for tealights drilled into them. :)

These are beautiful though! So creative, and FREE to boot! Nice! :)

County McCounterson