Wednesday, April 7, 2010

lettuce thief

I'm already seeing changes in my kids. Not huge changes, but changes none the less. We've basically cut out snacks, unless they specifically ask for one, which means that they eat way better at meal time! I've also noticed that they are less crazy when they eat whole foods rather than processed crap. I saw the difference in them when Easter candy was introduced and they turned into wacko kiddos from all the processed sugar! We've basically exchanged the sugar in fruit for the processed sugar in other sweets and I've really enjoyed watching my girls discover the greatness of eating new and different fruits. We have a whole box of fruit snacks in our pantry but they haven't eaten any in weeks!! Does anyone want a box of fruit snacks?? :o)

I was making a sandwich the other day and had all of my ingredients on the counter next to me, including a large, beautiful piece of red leaf lettuce. As always I also had kids nearly attached to my ankles and running all around me while I was making lunch. Needless to say I was distracted. I was almost done making the sandwich and went to put the lettuce on top of my lovely organic tomatoes from the farmers market, only to discover that my lettuce was gone. I looked around the counter thinking I might have misplaced it.....I am pregnant you know, but it wasn't anywhere. I then checked with both of the girls and discovered Maddie near our back door with half of my lettuce leaf. Wanna know what happened to the other half?? She ATE it!! And then she proceeded to finish the whole thing. Dry, fresh, clean, plain lettuce. Yum!

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