Friday, April 9, 2010

summer already?!?

It's been feeling a lot like summer these past few days....minus the humidity of course. But 93 degrees in early April? Come on. I highly disapprove! We've been finding ways to stay cool and entertained. Popsicles, painting outside, blow up pools, buckets full of water, sprinklers, and we even went to the lake on Wednesday! The water was f-f-f-freezing still, but it didn't feel too bad compared to baking on the shore. Maddie my little kid fish didn't leave the water till it was time to go home.....she's just like her Mama! We finally got some rain last night after what felt like a million years without any nectar from above and I think the temps are supposed to be much more spring like for the next couple weeks.

Looking for a way to cool the kids off and keep them entertained for hours? Give them a bucket full of water and some cups and watering cans. My kids could seriously spend all afternoon doing things with water from a bucket. When they run out of just fill it back up again! Easy.

We love painting outside on our easle

It wouldn't be art if Maddie didn't color her fingers......

or if Charlotte didn't color on her face!

Maddie was playing her trumpet

Such the proper child! :o)

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