Monday, April 5, 2010

Painted eggs

We spent a little bit of time on Friday coloring eggs.....or as Maddie calls it, painting eggs. I always really like this activity with kids because it's easy to set up, very little mess and easy to clean up. And kids LOVE doing it! We only had 15 eggs on hand and Charlotte broke 3, so only 12 were colored and both girls kept begging for more. If I had more, we would have done more. I personally don't like the fancy schmancy eggs decorating kits.....tie dyed, or glitter etc. just seem so complicated, especially when you can get such pretty eggs just from mixing the colors around. Until the girls get older and want all the extra fluff, we're gonna do it the old school way. Maddie was very into seeing what would happen when she took an egg out of the yellow and put it into the blue, or took one from orange to pink. Fun and educational!

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