Thursday, November 18, 2010

Caterpillar discovery and play

I've been trying to get outside everyday to enjoy this lovely fall weather and get some of our wiggles out. It seems like I feel better and the girls are happier when we get outdoors. The other day we were in the front yard riding scooters and bikes when I noticed a caterpillar scooting it's way across our driveway. I pointed it out to the girls who immediately needed to investigate.....they do love a good bug. While they were poking and prodding the poor defenseless creepy crawly I noticed another one, and another one and another one. There were caterpillars ALL over the place. And for whatever weird caterpillar reason they were traveling back and forth across our driveway. I checked out our trees and berry bushes to see if maybe they were eating them, or trying to make a home in them, but nope....just crossing the driveway. Makes me wanna break out in some, why did the caterpillar cross the road jokes. lol We spent a good long time outside enjoying our great caterpillar fortune, oh....and riding scooters and bikes too! :o)

Go, Maddie go!

It's about time to take that handle bar off the back

Our first caterpillar friend

Maddie: lover of all creepy crawlies

Charlie is a mean scootin' mama

I think she's ready for a big girl bike!

Maddie took this picture of Eleanor and me.
I wish I had time to do something with my hair, but Eleanor looks good! :o)

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