Friday, November 19, 2010

Comparing: 6 weeks

When Eleanor was born one of the first thoughts I had was that she did not look like Dan. Not in the way that Maddie and Charlotte looked like Dan. So, that must mean that she looked like me! Right? Well, as it turns out, babies do a lot of changing when they are little. I also thought that Eleanor looked more like Charlotte than she did Maddie and when I look at pictures of both of them from their first couple weeks I think they look a lot alike. But as each week passes I think Eleanor looks more and more like Maddie. She has smaller features (eyes, ears, mouth) than Maddie, but generally a similar look. Sometimes I'll glance down at Ellie while she's nursing and she will look just like Maddie did as an infant. Isn't it strange how different babies look after just a few short weeks? I think that all 3 of my girls look very similar.....not identical, but you can definitely tell that they are sisters. Seeing as how I'm adopted and don't really look like anyone in my family (although no one else really looks like each other either) it's fun to see my children growing to look alike. And I know I've posted this in another blog, but it's amazing and oh so cool to see how Dan and my genes morph together to create different and unique looking babies. Such a great surprise!

So, here are my gals each at 6 weeks old. I'll try and do this on a semi regular basis just for fun! I shouldn't have to label them because it should be obvious.....I think they look just the same! But they are in birth order. :o)

P.S. I know Eleanor has been wearing a lot of "boy" clothes recently, but after 2 other girls I'm kinda sick of pink. People ask me all the time what his name is. I just smile and say Eleanor and tell them I don't like pink. I don't think she minds wearing neutral/boyish colors.....she knows she looks good!

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