Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week five

Eleanor will be 6 weeks old tomorrow which means that I am a good week behind on posting her 5 week pictures. I have been pretty diligent about taking's the editing that I can't seem to find time for! I finally got around to messing with these shots, but here I am typing and uploading pictures with one hand as I soothe my babe to sleep. It's a slow process I tell ya!

Things have been going really well with baby Eleanor. She is still an excellent baby, so I think I'm going to stop holding my breath and just accept that this time around I lucked out!! She is so sweet and she's turning into a squeezable chunky monkey. She is ridiculously quiet! Every once in a while when she's really mad we'll get a holler out of her, but most of the time I can hardly hear her crying or fussing from the next room. I guess a household can only have one Charlotte and the LOUD that follows her, so Eleanor needed to be a quiet baby. She is so go with the flow and really puts up with a lot of sisterly love. I have seen a little bit of frustration come out of her when she gets prodded too much, but I think that she likes the action that comes with her sisters. Her awake times are getting longer and she has completely stopped waking at night and wanting to stay awake. Her feedings have naturally spaced out which means that her poops have spaced out as well which makes me happy because it's a pain having to change tiny poopy diapers all day long. 4-5 a day is a lot more manageable. Eleanor seriously does not ever spit up! I'm sure it's normal.....I just haven't experienced it with a baby before and find it a bit odd. I'm not complaining, it's nice not having throw up all over my clothes and stained baby clothes, but it's kinda weird.

I've been having challenges getting everything that needs to be done around the house completed, but I think that's pretty normal after having a baby. I find that things are go-go-go from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, and even then I have night feeds that I get to do. When I was pregnant with Charlotte, people told me I wouldn't have time to myself anymore, but often times I did. Now that I have baby number 3 and Maddie has stopped napping, I REALLY don't have time to myself. Most of the time I don't mind, but sometimes I wish I could just be alone for a little while, not taking care of everyone elses needs. I know things will level out as Eleanor gets older and I'll have more opportunities to do things I enjoy. For now, my goal is to shower more than once or twice a week! :o) I'll let ya know how that goes.

Without further ado......Miss Eleanor Irene, week 5!


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