Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hill Ridge Farms

After our trip to the fair this year I was pretty much dreading going to Hill Ridge Farms. I mean I love this trip, but having to brave another long outing didn't seem all that appealing. I had actually talked about not going at all this year, but boy and I glad that we did! We had SO much fun. This is another one of those adventures that we do every year and I love that my parents have been able to go with us the last 2 years. Making memories! We lucked out because we went on Halloween day and it was basically empty which makes life a lot easier! We didn't have to wait in line for the slide or the train and the kids got to spend as long as they wanted in the corn box which every other year has ended in tears because they have the kiddos on a 5 minute rotation. By the end of the day Charlotte was breaking down, but it was to be expected on a busy day. I think that we'll try and go back next year on Halloween because it really makes a difference on the level of fun we have! All in all an excellent day with lots of photo opportunities!

Charlotte wanted to wear her pumpkin costume.....
So we let her!
She looked pretty cute if you ask me! :o)

She worked up a sweat in the bounce house in her costume!

Both girls really enjoyed the pony ride.
Thanks grandma and papa!

A little unsure at first
(this was her first pony ride)

She LOVED it!

Eleanor was there too!

I would love to build a corn box in our yard

Mama did not ride the slide this year.....but grandma and papa did! :o)

Choo choo

Duck races
I think this silly thing was Maddie's favorite thing of all!
An attempt at a family picture

Pumpkin picking

On our way back to the car

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