Sunday, November 14, 2010

NC state fair

I am going to attempt to get caught up on my picture editing and blogging.....we'll see how far I can get! lol

While my mom was here we went on our annual trip to the NC state fair. I look forward to the fair every year and was happy that even with the baby's arrival on the 7th we were still going to be able to so. Turns out that it was probably not the best idea and maybe we should have just stayed home, but live and learn. It was really crowded, it was as it always is, expensive, the cows were being judged so we couldn't see them up close (the cows are my fav!) and of course, we had an infant in tow. It was chaotic, it was HOT and we learned that our kids are not quite ready to blow through nap time.....can you say melt downs?!?

I had a really yummy gyro and got to see the baby chicks and ducks and I did get to listen to cows being judged while I nursed the baby. Never thought I'd hear so much talk of lovely udders! The girls got to ride some carnival rides and we all got to see lot's of interesting North Carolina folks. I'm glad that we went mostly just because I'm big on tradition and the fair is something we do every year, but I was glad when it was time to go home! It was more than enough....until next year!

I didn't get very many pictures this year since I was wearing Eleanor in the mei tai the whole time, so I stole some off my mom's camera. Thanks mom!

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