Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st soccer game

Maddie had her first soccer game of the season this past weekend. We were a bit trepidatious about how she would do, but those worries were for naught. She did fabulously! There were a couple of times that she got overwhelmed and wanted off the field, but she was able to have some water, take a breather and get back out there to play. She was aggressive at chasing and stealing the ball (which is a big improvement), she didn't fall down nearly as much, and she was even able to score her first goal!! We are currently working on the idea that she is on a team, and when her team does well, she does well too. She gets upset when she can't have the ball and make a goal, but if her teammates make a goal its as good as her making a goal. We are also working on being happy for our teammates when they succeed at something even when we do not. Maddie puts a lot of pressure on herself to succeed and I'm hoping that she'll soon realize that in team sports the overall outcome is just as important as her individual part in the game. "Mama, if I don't win then I lose. I don't want to lose." I don't know where she gets this drive to surely isn't from me. I am highly uncompetitive. Here's hoping the rest of the season just gets better and better!

A little half time was very chilly out!

Her goal :o)

Gotta love the teammate high five!

Charlotte is their team mascot.
She was cheering her heart out for Maddie and the Sprites
I love that the team lets her huddle with them

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